Personalizing women's health through more informative diagnostics.


We founded our company because we believe that the technology we've been developing in the lab can save lives.


Nanopath was spun out of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth in partnership with Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.


At Nanopath, we're passionate about improving the human condition through the development of life-saving technologies.  


The women’s health space has been consistently overlooked by deep technology innovation. We aim to provide a rapid and comprehensive picture of viral and bacterial infection status within a single office visit, empowering both the patient and the provider.


To extend our impact, we plan to intentionally design and proactively deploy our technology for use in underserved communities around the world.


Our diagnostic harnesses advances in bioengineering and nanotechnology to sensitively and specifically detect viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens without the need for nucleic acid amplification.


The technology platform has applications that extend beyond infectious disease, and include biosecurity surveillance, food and water safety, and cancer monitoring.